Saturday, April 12, 2014

Best Bars in Nashville

1.  Three Crow.  Located at the centermost point in The Five Points in East Nashville, this bar is the place to be.  Kindof dark, and a little gritty, most of the staff probably owns motorcycles and adds to their tattoo collection weekly.  So cool.  They have all kinds of beer, and if you really want to go all out, they have the best bushwackers in town.  For those of you that don't know, a bushwacker is a vivacious alcoholic milkshake-like drink.

2.  Drifters.  If you go out the back door of Three Crow, walk twenty feet, take a right and walk through the parking lot, you'll be at Drifters.  This one has some dive bar elements to it, but is a great place to go on a night that you want to go out, but not really put any effort into it.  The bartenders are pleasant, and there is a steady stream of classic rock playing in the background.

3.  Holland House.  This bar is a bit fancier, and has a 20's vibe going on.  The plush interior, with lots of string lights and areas with sofas and armchairs works perfectly with the wide selection of mixed drinks.  I've never had the food here, but it's supposedly pretty good as well.  Overall, it's a fun, different place to go, and a great spot to bring out of town visitors to.

4.  Edgefield.  The sports bar entry on the list, this one has lots of flatscreen tv's adorning the walls, there are no windows whatsoever, and there is an abundance of games to play, like darts, and pool.  Nothing too special about it, except that its a fun place to be.

5.  Fat Bottom Brewery.  I went here for the first time just the other night and really enjoyed it.  They have a nice selection of beers brewed in-house, a very welcoming and friendly staff, and an awesome outdoor patio-type area.  There are covered tables surrounding the perimeter, and lots of benches and standing areas in the middle, with a stage for live music off to the side.  Excited to go back more this summer.

(photos collected from 3crowbar, driftersnashville, slowcocktails, tripadvisor, and ratebeer)

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