Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcoming the Office Hubub

Now that I finally have a new city and apartment, the next step is a job.  Hopefully it'll end up being something where I can wear an updated business-y look.  Springtime definitely opens the door to some brighter colors and less weighed-down outfits.  Currently I'm in the market for a blazer jacket that I can throw on with most anything to make it more office/interview appropriate.

And you can bet I'll be trying a neck-bow.

The black and white stripes are fun and still classy, and can be more proper in the form of a dress with matching button-up and bow-tie, or as a Bonjour sweater tucked in for those casual Fridays.  

(photos collected from missatlaplaya, frankieheartsfashion, lolobu, alittledashofdarling, and atlantic-pacific)

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