Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Sun King's Sun Trap

High of 85 today, and even though its only mid April, I'm loving it.  I optioned for the original exposed zipper dress over a three-quarter sleeve maroon color shirt, as I was going to be sitting inside a generously air-conditioned Starbucks for a few hours.

And that delightful poster I'm Vanna White-ing in that last picture was designed by yours truly for a poster design class in college.  The assignment: design a travel poster in the style of A.M. Cassandre.  Here's a few of his posters so you can get a feel for his style.  

I chose The Orangerie gardens at Versailles for three reasons.  1.  When I went to Versailles this was my favorite part of the entire chateau and jardins.  

2.  The colors of the orange trees and their green planter boxes, and layout of the gardens in general lend themselves very nicely to Cassandre's style.  

3. Versailles is a well-known tourist attraction but the Orangerie is relatively unknown; as you can see in my photo, there's practically no one roaming the maze of trees.  It seemed in need of a promotional travel poster.

(photos by e.hunt, and collected from trueartworks, postersplease, and themanofstyle)


  1. What an awesome segue from fashion to have a gift, girlie :)

    1. Thanks! Two of my favorite things haha