Tuesday, April 2, 2013

All the Details About Space Science

I'm starting to think in an interior design-like mind for the new apartment.  It's kindof exciting: my first permanent residence.  I mean, there's my parents house, which will always be home, but not really mine.  And I had an apartment at school in Springfield but it was pre-furnished, and came with a set of has-to-be-returned-exactly-as-you-found-it rules; consequently, it wasn't really mine.  I've been deviating from my strictly fashion diet on pinterest to look at some housing ideas.

This one is an awesome way to make that ugly black wire look good, and you could even tailor it to a specific skyline!

And since my ultimate goal of living on a beach is not being fulfilled by this move, maybe I'll bring the beach to me.

An exposed closet?  What a cool idea!  I mean, most of my extra money goes to clothes anyway so why not show it off?  Having it open to the world would be a good motivator to keep everything clean and organized as well.

(photos collected from missatlaplaya, oraclefox, and jimmychoosonthetreadmill)

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  1. I fully expect to see all 3 ideas implemented in your new digs!!