Monday, October 22, 2012

A Fancied Genius

I was catching up on The Sartorialist earlier today when I saw that he is doing a book signing tour this fall, and will be making a stop in Nashville (the closest one to St. Louis, and I happen to know some people there).  How cool would it be to meet the god of street style photography?  I wouldn't miss it for anything.  Here's hoping he posts the finalized date soon.

What I like most about his blog is that it's not just about the cool clothes everyday people wear; it's about the people that are wearing cool clothes.  He really captures people's character and personality, which are essential elements of someone with style, but he documents it photographically, in a way that very few other street style photographers do.  He created and set the standard, and is yet to be surpassed.

(photos collected from thesartorialist)

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