Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getaway Sticks

Like a fingerprint, everyone has their own unique walking signature.  Although, while a fingerprint only leads to someone's identity (but is only really useful when investigating a crime), a person's gait can contain much more personal information (and can be examined by more than just police investigators).  My first experience with how you unconsciously identify people by their stride happened a few years ago at school.  All of a sudden, I started knowing who was walking towards me before they were even in focus.  And I'm nearsighted so things that are far away are just blobs of color until they reach my bubble of contact-induced sight.  But when the blobs of color started moving, I knew exactly who they were without being able to see their face.  Interesting how such a common thing as walking can become such an identifier.
Modeling is a perfect example of this.  Models learn a certain way to strut the catwalk in order to showcase clothing in the best way possible.  But on top of that, they have to tweak it at every show to get the mood, feeling, and theme of the designer's vision across.  Changing the way you walk every few weeks?  Talk about an identity crisis.

(photos collected from studdedhearts and nowfashion)

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