Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I Miss

So I've been here a little over two weeks and have kind of established a sort of routine...wake up at 7:30, go to class, go to the supermarche, decide where to spend the afternoon or rest a little before going to culture class, hang out at the apt, homework, internet, bed.  Now that I have a kind of regular schedule, I've been able to better recognize the things that I miss from the US.  I did one of these a few weeks after I started college, and I always find it interesting to see the things I value in everyday life.

Things I Miss
-People to do things with.
-Not raining every time I want to go running.  It rains a lot here.
-Coffee flavored drinks and/or the coffeehouse atmosphere.  Cafes just don't cut it.
-Being able to hear the vendor when he or she talks to you.  One of the plus sides of the loud American stereotype.
-Cheap food.
-Being able to smile at people.  I made the mistake of smiling at a guy in the metro when I lost my balance (amateur move, during the first few days), you know, like any normal person would do at home to lessen the awkwardness, but here, if a girl smiles at a guy, it means 'All systems go.'  I just want to be friendly!
-Seeing grass everyday.  I love the big city atmosphere, but I hate having to go to a park to see more nature than just a spindly tree jutting out of the sidewalk.
-The right kind of outlets.  I have to strategically plan my use of electronics so I can charge them accordingly.  And I broke down and bought a hair straightener because I couldn't stand my big, curly, Julia-Roberts-in-Pretty-Woman (only worse) hair anymore.
-Things being open past 8pm.  It stays light here 'til 10 at least, which is absolutely delightful, but everything closes early.
-Honey Bunches of Oates.  My mornings, and therefor my days, are not the same without a bowl of honey, bunchy, oatyness.  Frosted Flakes (or Frosties, as they are called here) are only good for so long.

(photo by ehunt)

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