Thursday, June 23, 2011

All in the Line of Duty

There's probably a section on a French Security Guard application stating whether or not the candidate has had any previous exposure to spontaneous modeling.  I mean, they're basically walking mannequins in all the stores.  Even my local grocery store has a guy wearing an impeccable 3-piece suit (usually with cuff-links, and sometimes I'll see a skinny bow-tie) to welcome you as you come in the door.  They don't sell clothing there, but even so, the guards dress better than most CEOs, politicians, and celebrities in the US.  They're probably all undercover 00 agents, and dressing impeccably is a requirement for that particular branch of employment.

They all look like this: all innocent and delightful, blending in with the store.  But if he ever caught you shoplifting (and he would.  Just look at those glasses), he would take you down, and before throwing you out of the store, he would deliver a Bond-esque one liner with an intense politeness to match the suit: "Au revoir...monsieur." 

(photo collected from googleimages)

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