Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I Don't Miss

Here's a list of what I'm really glad to be without for a few months.

Things I Don't Miss.  At all.  Not one bit.
-Earth-killing, pollution-spouting, entirely-too-huge-and-monstrous-for-their-own-good cars.  The amount of minis and smart cars here is inspiring.
-No recycling in public areas.  There is glass and plastic recycling containers everywhere here.  Cardboard, not so much, but one step at a time I guess.
-Poor design and presentation.  Everything looks really good here: advertisements (and the setting the advertisement is in), window displays, package/product designs, crosswalk signs, ticket stubs, food, etc.
-Raining all day, for several days in a row.  It rains here, pretty much every day, but only for like twenty minutes to an hour at a time, which is a lot more acceptable than the torrential downpourings we get at home.
-Having to drive everywhere.  Now, don't take this the wrong way.  I LOVE driving, and I love my car and the convenience factor that comes along with a car, but I am absolutely fascinated with the metro system; however, this poses kind of a situational/locational issue.  I can't really imagine it working out as awesomely in the US.
-Overly tactful waiters/vendors.  You have to ask to be helped here, and it's a delightful change from the bombardment of questions that American workers inevitably ask.
-Annoying, loud groups of kids.  Little French kids out-cool little American kids by far.  No contest.  They're like, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer cool, and they're not even ten years old.

(photo collected from googleimages)

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