Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Tides at Tops'l

That night we went to our other nice restaurant spot, Mitchell's.  We arrived a little before our reservation so we headed over to the bar to take advantage of the last few minutes of happy hour specials.

The food was quite delicious.  The next morning we headed down to the beach and to our surprise, there was a river in between us and the ocean!

It went like this; ocean, poachers, river, umbrellas.  An interesting effect of global warming, no?! 

After a perfectly lovely day on the beach, and a refreshing shower, we headed back to the Ocean Club for dinner.  On the way out to the car we took a Chick Pic in the traditional spot.

All the years we came to Tops'l as a big family, before heading out to The OC, the girls would get together for a group photo, aka a Chick Pic.  

We got to the restaurant and this time our table was in the front room.  It wasn't that crowded yet but there was a band setting up so we knew it would get louder and louder as the night went on.  It was ok though.  We ordered a bottle of wine, were located in a great people-watching spot, and the grouper tasted like a cloud of goodness.

Around midnight, Boarding Group #2 arrived.  We had a little party down under the loading port before bringing the luggage up to the room.  Once we figured out where everyone would be sleeping, and fashioned a couple cushion beds on the floor, we all went right to bed.

The next morning, after coffee and a little more of that great balcony view, we packed up the cars and left for our main vacation locale, Grayton Beach.

(photos by e.hunt)

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