Thursday, June 15, 2017

In the Land of Mordor Where the Shadows Lie

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to Kindof Maybe, a journal of the life and times of me.  A journal that I've been too busy to upkeep over the past couple weeks!  That time has been filled with work, hanging out with friends, collecting last minute travel necessities, making a trip or two to the pool, and going home for dinner.  With what little downtime I have, I've been spending it on the balcony.

These particular photos were taken on Memorial Day.  I was off work and decided to have a beverage before heading home for a barbecue fiesta.  This cool peach and salmon floral dress that I'm wearing is a new one I found at my favorite thrift store.  I don't wear this color too often but sometimes it's nice to switch it up.

At one point my phone decided to jump off the edge while I had it standing up for a photo and it self-timed a pic!  I looked over o see if it was still in one piece before running downstairs to retrieve it.

And after photo time I decided to do a little sketching.  After a quick warm-up, black ink sketch of the plant, I thought a drawing of the color pencil variety would be fun.  And what better subject is there than Lord of the Rings?!!  I thought about a scene in Hobbiton, or my favorite Middle Earth culture, the Rohirim, but for some reason I was in the mood for the darkness of Mordor, with the bright Eye watching from above.  I haven't used colored pencils in a while so it was a fun exercise.

(photos by e.hunt)

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