Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Let's Go Play Outside

Good morning, all!  Hope your last few days have been lovely and enjoyable.  I stopped by the park on the way home for dinner the other night for a spin around the lake.

On my second loop around I decided to venture over to the community garden.  Ever since one of my friends and I found it in high school, it's been one of my favorite spots.  You may even recognize it from past blog posts!

It was a beautiful day to be outside; not quite as hot and a little cloud cover.  Perfect for debuting a pair of linen-like shorts I found on end-of-summer sale last year, and a classic black tee.  There was quite a bit of vegetation growing in the little boxes: tomatoes, zucchini, peas, peppers, asparagus, and even strawberries!  It was fun exploring, and a good way to get some activity in for the day.

(photos by e.hunt)

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