Friday, January 13, 2017

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful, But the Coffee is so Delightful

Happy Friday, everyone!  We are currently experiencing a winter ice storm; it is expected to continue through Sunday.  And not two days ago it was sunny and in the 60s.

I was lucky enough to be off work today so I am enjoying a leisurely morning catching up on Pinterest, drinking coffee from the little snow bears mug, and watching the ice rain fall outside the window.  It has been lovely.

I plan on not going outside at all today.  Yesterday I, along with every other person in the world, went to Schnucks to pick up a few things in anticipation of the storm.  While it took a while to get through the check-out line, it was worth it to not have to venture out today, and everyone was really friendly.  Nothing like a little crazy St. Louis weather to draw people together.

Mom also stopped by on her way home from work yesterday.  A couple days ago I stopped in our local Goodwill and found quite a few gems, including this seemingly brand new, super comfy, perfectly grey, tufted chair!

It was originally from Target.  I looked up the price online and I don't know who donated such a nice chair with nothing wrong with it, but thank you to them because I got it for a fraction of the retail price!  A kindly gentleman behind me in line helped me fit it in the backseat of my car then Mom helped me get it out and up the stairs to its new spot by the window.  Doesn't it look great?!

Not only did I find the fabulous chair on this particular Goodwill trip, but also a couple pieces of decorative dishware.  A few months ago I found a pair of lusterware plates with a beautiful handpainted Asian landscape on them.  I only bought one but then Taylor really liked it so I went back to get the other one and it was gone!  Lo and behold, the other day I found another similar plate with a different, more blue landscape on it.  I picked it up and a second one was underneath it!  I snatched them both up, along with a cool vase, gave one to Taylor and kept one to go with the first one.

It was an exciting day.  Anyway, I hope you all are warm and cozy on this icy day.  I can see the road from my window and it doesn't look that bad.  Hopefully they don't freeze up overnight -- I'm supposed to work bright and early in the morning.

(photos by e.hunt)

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