Tuesday, January 3, 2017

"Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi; You're Our Only Hope"

The week between Christmas and New Year's was pretty uneventful.  I worked a lot and did my own, quiet thing for a few days; it was a lot of family-together time over the holidays!  New Year's Eve came and went.  We went out to dinner then I went home and went to bed.  I welcomed in the new year by waking up at 4:45 and opening the store!

It was okay though.  After a week of people being after-holiday crabby, our customers were actually pretty nice and we were slower than we have been since before Thanksgiving.  After a nice nap that afternoon I went home for the first feast of 2017!  Dad picked up a couple big beers from the store for celebration!

Did anyone set any New Year's Resolutions?  I want to produce some kind of art once a week, whether that's keeping a sketchbook or working on a more long-term pastel piece.  Mom gave me some charcoal, an 11x17 sketchbook, and a 72-piece chalk pastel set for Christmas and I plan to put them all to good use!  

Carrie Fischer passed away on the 27th, and it did effect me a bit.  She, as Princess Leia in Star Wars, has always been one of my celebrity heroes.  In all the movies we watched when I was growing up, she was a great inspiration.  Yea, there were the lovelorn ladies of the Disney movies, the femme fatales of the James Bond movies, and the damsels in distress of the Westerns, but Leia was different.  She stood for what she believed in, didn't fall head over foot for the first random guy she met, destroyed a nasty slug lord who held her hostage and made her wear the gold bikini, and helped topple an evil empire.  She also looked great while doing all of these things.  In her honor I did my hair in the Leia-on-Hoth fashion.  It's not perfect, but I figure, if I keep doing it every once in a while it'll get better.  Next up will be her braid from Jabba's Palace!

(photos by e.hunt, and g.hunt, and collected from plentyofpopcorn, and shortlist)

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