Monday, June 20, 2016

And All the Summer Solitude

Two weeks ago today we were just getting on the road to head down to Innsbrook for our few-day lake adventure.  Mom and Debby decided that it didn't really make sense for them to stay that last night just to pack up and leave in the morning so they decided to come home Wednesday night as well.  And that meant we could all drive in one car!

After a stop at Starbucks we were on our merry way.  It didn't take too long to get there, maybe an hour or so, and once we got off the highway we were surrounded by lush and serene farmland.  We were hoping that our condo might be ready early but they had a strict, no-check-ins-before-three policy.  No worries, we just made our way to the pool!

It was beautifully sunny with barely any clouds, and we made it just in time for lunch.  It was a little busy and loud that first day, but after the long weekend crowd left, the pool was just lovely.  We packed up around four to go check in and check out our place.

The condo was perfect; lots of windows, beds for all, a patio deck, and a glorious view of the lake.  After everyone was showered and dressed, we went into town to pick up a few things we forgot and get something to eat.  Because it was the beginning of the week, the restaurant on the grounds was closed, and would be closing early the next couple days as well.

After watching Skyfall, the best Daniel Craig Bond movie, in my opinion, we were all pretty exhausted and went straight to bed.  Except for a giant crow pecking at the edge of the big skylight above my bed at 6am (that woke Debby up in the next room!), I slept fairly well.  We each had a leisurely cup of coffee or two in our pajamas out on the deck before suiting up for another day at the pool.

We scoped out the best spot the day before, complete with a table, chairs, an umbrella, and away from the kids section, so we wanted to get there right when they opened to claim it.

Another successful day of sun!  I was really good about re-applying sunscreen all day so I wouldn't get burned.  We all were, for the most part.  We stayed until the late afternoon then headed back to start the shower train, after having another beverage out on the deck.

That night we found this local Italian place to eat, which turned out to be really good.  We got some garlic bread to start, caesar salads to split, and different pasta dishes for the main meal.  Everything was delicious.

Back at the condo, we watched Empire of the Sun before going to bed.  It was a historical epic about a young British teen (Christian Bale) who is separated from his parents in Japan before being taken to an internment camp during WWII.  It was quite long, but very well-done - clearly a passion project for one of the people involved.  We went straight to bed after that; lounging in the sun all day is hard work!

The next morning was pretty much the same as the day before, with coffee on the deck then right to the pool.  We wanted to get as much sun as possible before leaving that evening.  It was another beautiful day.

Afterwards, I sat on the deck for a bit before my turn for the shower, and a big, majestic deer strolled by!  He came our of the brush on the left, ran through a big camp of geese, the turned and came up the hill before passing in between the two condo buildings.  And after that excitement, it was time to pack up and drive home.  As expected, it was a delightful few days of leisure, sun, and hanging out with the girls.

(photos by e.hunt, and r.hunt)


  1. So glad you had fun - I did too! Happy Birthday, my sweet girl :)

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