Friday, February 27, 2015

Good Heavens!

(as said by an excited elderly British woman on Antiques Roadshow)

I've had quite a busy week!  Taylor came home last Friday for a weekend visit.  He and I braved the impending snowstorm and headed down to a local bar for a few beers.  When we left, the ice was thick enough on my car to break my scraper!  The next morning we had our usual family trip down to Kaldi's for coffee and breakfast, which was delicious as always.  After that, I got on the road and headed southwest towards my old stomping ground, Springfield.  A bunch of the girls were going to be in town for a birthday party so I thought I'd tag along.

We met up at the Mud Lounge for an afternoon cocktail (alcoholic coffee, mmm) then retreated to our arranged hosts houses to get ready for a night out on the town.  Sydney was gracious enough to supply some wine for the hair-and-makeup festivities as well.  Now, anyone who ever had a birthday party in Springfield chose one of two restaurants to start the night off at: Brew Co or Big Whisky's.  Megan picked Brew Co, which was the one I always preferred.    We made our way to a few other spots before closing time, and all ended up in sufficiently giggly moods.

The next morning we met up at Ihop for our traditional Hungover Breakfast, where a few more of the old crew joined us.  It was absolutely lovely getting all caught up with my old friends.  It was like we hadn't skipped a day, and now I can't wait for our next reunion.  On the way out of town I stopped by my favorite Springtown locale, The Mud House!  It hasn't really changed, and my frozen mudturtle tasted as awesome as I remember it being.

(photos by s.harris, and e.hunt)

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