Saturday, March 9, 2013

High Planes Drifting

Western influence.  In pretty much every movie he's in, John Wayne sports a neckscarf.  Instead of wearing it around her neck, this lady tied around her waist.

Fringey, colorful chaps add a little visual interest to professional bull-riders' wardrobes nowadays, and Rumi Neely took the idea and spun it into a studded, still fringey belt thing.

And then there's one of the most iconic cowboy pieces, the hat.  Model Natalia Vodianova wore a Clint Eastwood-like flat-rimmed one with a poofy designer dress in Vogue a couple years ago while reading a book on top of some metal crate looking things.  You know, usual activities.

(photos collected from filmfestival.tcm, marieclaire, heplerphoto, fashiontoast, gansofboomtown, and fashionstylebatikofindonesia)

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