Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cloudy With a Chance of Polka Dots

I've got a couple do-it-yourselfers going right now, the first one being a pair of polka dot pants!  I took a regular pair of jeans and laid them out flat.

Then, I poured out a little matte white fabric paint onto the cardboard and dipped in the circular sponge with a built-in handle.  I got these things at Hobby Lobby but you can probably find both at any local craft store.  The key is to sponge it once on the cardboard before the jeans so you get a smooth, evenly white circle.  One dot per dip.

Once you're finished with the front, let it dry overnight and flip the jeans over to dot up the back.  Again, dry overnight and the next morning you'll have a delightful pair of spotted jeans.

(photos by r.hunt)

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