Wednesday, February 13, 2013

When an Already Baffled Climate is at a Loss

Let's talk about jackets.  This month of pre-Spring, still chilly enough to need some sort of outerwear but not enough to merit an actual coat provides the perfect opportunity.

First, there's the classic trench coat.

Then there's the trenchcoat's wayward, cool, always getting into and then out of trouble cousin, the bomber jacket.

While the straight-laced, eternally casual baby-sitter of the two, the blazer jacket, keeps watch.

And there's always the two neighboring rebels of the group, for those especially comfy days, a flannel button-up and oversized sweater.

(photos collected from fashiontoast, fabsugar, atlanticpacific, whatchathinkaboutthat, thesartorialist, vintagevirgin, tumblr, and littlemissmargs)

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