Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Unique Pageantry of the Moment

This upcoming Sunday marks the biggest red carpet event of the year, The Academy Awards (or Oscars).  I wouldn't be a girl if I haven't fantasized from time to time of being famous enough to go.  And oh the endless possibilities of what to wear!

If I were super famous and could pull off wearing pants (because let's face it, only the obscenely famous, and Janelle Monae, can wear pants to such high profile events), a simple yet intricate jumpsuit with a killer pair of colorful heels would be my first choice.

The grecian look is a classic and always a red carpet hit because it's so classic.  I would go for an updated version, with unexpected colors, ruffles, or drapes.

Eye-catching detail and high-class workmanship is another red carpet option that many celebrities choose.  The old Hollywood, flapper inspired, art deco-y black and nude look would certainly garner some attention, while a more victorian beaded mini dress with a train would be a little more trend-setting.  I would style it with a black belt instead of the matching nude, and probably a black beaded something in my hair.

I can see it now: people cheering, 'Who are you wearing?,' being escorted to my green-seats equivalent seats, after parties hanging out with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, etc, and waking up the next morning to being on all the best-dressed lists.  A girl can dream.

(photos collected from urbanoutfitters, catherineneicole, tamarachloestyleclues, shopbop, mirazwillinger, modnipeklo, and thestars-themoon)

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