Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Basic Expression of Life

Graphic t-shirts are a wonderful way to get an inside look at someone's personality, and are usually a great conversation starter.  Whatever is stated on said shirt, whether it's some opinion or political statement, a band shirt, or a club/event/Greek organization, you can pick up clues about that person.  For example, only someone who likes indie rock would wear a Strokes shirt, and a lumberjack probably wouldn't wear a Save the Trees shirt, and if you've never been to New York City you probably don't own an I heart NY shirt (unless they were having a real identity crisis).

They also look really cool when paired with a nice skirt or dress; kindof dresses down the whole affair. These ladies got the idea.  I'm a veteran when it comes to the not-with-jeans graphic tee; my favorite is a bright green Protect the Forest short sleeve tucked into the suspender skirt.

(photos collected from celebsvenue, justinchungphotography, and by e.hunt (architecture artwork courtesy of Taylor Hunt))

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