Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Polymorphing Opinion

Tattoos are very intriguing to me.  If someone considers permanently imprinting something on their skin, whatever words or images or a combination of both, it's probably pretty important to them.  I like to know why.  Placement is also very telling in someone's tattoo intentions.  Is it a big, colorful depiction on skin that is always visible?  Or is it more discreet, in a place that can be hidden by jewelry or clothing?  If I were to ever get one, and so far, I've never had anything that meaningful happen to me that I'd like to etch it into my skin for the rest of time, I'd get something small and black, in a place like one of these, where I will see it and be reminded of its meaning everyday, but not every Joe I pass on the street will ask me what it means.

(photos collected from pinterest)

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