Monday, August 20, 2012

Part 2: Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

And for Part Two of the movie series, another set taking place in a undisclosed time period; however, by little clues in the movies such as battle instruments, technological advancements (or lack thereof), and systems of rule, I would venture a guess that these stories would have taken place way a long time ago, except for Avatar, which is verified as happening in the future, but I felt the Navi culture fits in best with this batch, and it's the only entry I have collected that is futuristic but doesn't have enough interesting detail to uphold its own part in the series.  Whew that's a long sentence.

The ladies of Lord of the Rings and The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe obviously had stylists that came back in their second life as seamstresses during the time of medieval courts.  Each is expressive of their respective climates and values:  Eowyn of LOTR has a flowy dress that flits with the wind from the plains and is not highly accoutremented as material wealth is not as important as identifying with her people.  The Queen on the other hand, is outfitted in high end, eye-catching material with a plush animal pelt to keep her warm in her year-round imposed winter.  The menacing sceptre and spikey ice crown complete her look.  

All of the costumes as well as the overall production design of Tim Burton's Alice and Wonderland are inspirational: a true feast for the eyes, but Alice's clothing, designed by the great Colleen Atwood of Chicago and Big Fish fame, takes the cake.  Transforming her big clothes into a draped and tied dress for her mini Wonderland self is a stroke of genius, while the shredded animal print over red number is just so much more exciting and intriguing to look at than the average and expected Keira Knightley-like period piece costume.  But, would you expect anything less in a Tim Burton movie?

And finally Neytiri from Avatar, with her modernized Native American warpaint, feathers, and loincloth, topped off with different bikini tops for different occasions.  My favorites were the brightly-colored stringed together battle top, and the metallic squiggly necklace that morphs into a top as it keeps going.

(photos collected from googleimages)

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