Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Gone But Not Forgotten

I caved.  I bought something so trendy yesterday, one of those trends that will probably only be acceptable to wear for one year, maybe two.  Remember gaucho pants?

I had a pair, all the girls at school had a pair, even famous models had a pair; however, I can assuredly say that none of us would have been caught dead wearing them before the year 2004 and after 2005.

Anyway, one of this year's experimental trends is the hi-low skirt, with a mini skirt length front and tea-length back.  It's kindof like a reverse mullet, with the party in front and business in back.  I think it's fun, versatile, and fulfills my newest shopping requirement, work appropriateness.

It's also a perfect match for my one and only crop top, that's too big so I cut a slit up the back and tied the two pieces in a knot, which you can kindof see in that last picture.  And this last one wasn't on purpose, but it turned out really cool; like Degas and Monet pointillism paintings.

(photos collected from thredsbysandra, and by e.hunt)

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