Saturday, January 28, 2012

Through the Veins of History

Neckwear has always been kindof a classic staple in the sartorial world.  Although styles, patterns, and materials change, the basic scarf, tie, and necklace wholesomely remain.  It is a right of passage for men to learn how to tie a tie, and women have always been attracted to the sparkly kind of jewelry that kidnaps your eyes from the moment you catch sight of it.  I have never been much of a trinket-wearer, but I've dabbled in the realms of scarves and ties on occasion.

This photograph has inspired countless ideas and outfits of mine.  The awesomeness of each look is overwhelming.

My take on the simple scarf.

And I saw this tucked in tie look in a magazine and had to try it myself (in the picture below).

(photos collected from The Hunt Archives, e.hunt, cosmopolitan, and becky.hunt)

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