Thursday, January 19, 2012

Swanning About

Last night one of my good school friends unveiled that her boyfriend proposed to her over Winter Break.    I am amazed, no, dumbfounded, no, utterly stupefied by the fact that someone my age is engaged to be married.  Of all of my friends, she's the least wedding-y/girly, so it's kindof interesting that she's the first.  Maybe she'll take this demeanor and apply it to the wedding decorations, festivities, and above all, the dress code.  If I ever become a bridesmaid, the dresses would hopefully look something like this.  Weddings involve too much tradition anyway.

Dresses with prints would be way cool, like this one with little birds.

Or this geometric trip of a dress would be fun (dip-dyed pink hair optional).

And if you were into the super girly thing, you could pretend you were Miss America with a contrasting sash.

In a brighter color, this would be so awesome for a summer wedding.

(photos collected from glamourai, photobucket, notcouture, and people)

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