Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Today, I served coffee to John Goodman.  Yes, this John Goodman.

He came in with one of our semi-regulars, and I thought it looked like him, but didn't really know.  Then our regular asked, "Do you want anything, John?"  And when he responded, I knew it was him. Also, I had been told by my fellow baristas that he grew up in the area and sometimes comes into our store.  He was very polite and asked for a large dark roast coffee and a croissant.

Before they left, our regular came up to get refills, saying, "Mr. Goodman would like a topper, please."  Because he called him that, I knew he wanted some recognition, so I said that I recognized him by his voice, and he went on to say that they went to high school together and were on their way to a reunion.  And on their way out the door, John Goodman looked over at me, waved, and said, "Thank you."  Pretty nice guy for having been in 142 movies, and still going strong.

(photos collected from drnorth.wordpress, dailyfilmdose, rolling stone, and movpins)

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