Thursday, July 31, 2014

Playing Under the Moon

"It's by night that we see our true desires.  We reflect on our moments of unhappiness and those yearnings that that are momentarily blinded by the sun.  It's when we become poets and philosophers, martyrs and murderers... It's when your most tender, authentic and suppressed sides come out to play under the nonjudgmental eyes of the stars... It's for all those things you could never dream of doing by day, under the watchful eyes of the sun."
-Lauren Martin, Intelligent People All Have One Thing in Common: They Stay Up Later Than You

This quote is taken from an interesting article I read recently on Elite Daily about how people that stay up later tend to be more intelligent and/or creative.  See the full article here.  It starts off with some great writing (see above), followed by some scientific findings, and then breaking down a few character traits and tendencies that come along with being a night person.  The night owls get to daydream, are anti-establishment, more open-minded, and proactive.  The article explains that people who lay awake at night think about things in ways that daytime doesn't allow.  They can imagine and analyze and daydream, if you will, to their heart's desire, without using up productive working hours.  As someone who has trouble falling asleep every night, I found this article quite enlightening.  Maybe my insomnia has had some positive effects after all!

(photo collected from zsazsabellagio)

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