Saturday, December 7, 2013

There's More to Living Than Being Alive

I've been back in Nashville for almost a week now, and man it's been a busy week indeed.  Sunday was the great migration back to Nashtown.  Monday night I put up the Christmas tree, Tuesday Katherine and I went to the 5 Spot to hear Andrew's band, Johnny Appleseed.  But, being grownups that had to wake up early for work the next day, we left at 10 and missed the show.  Wedensday night, Andrew and I went to the Pharmacy for burgers and movie talk.  Thursday was my first Office Christmas Dinner Party, which was interesting.  It was at this trendy restaurant downtown called The Farm House, which had delicious food and really took the whole farm house style to heart, which was pretty cool (I think the best part was that Mr. Boss footed the bill though, as trendy pretty much always means not cheap).  And, while all this was going on, I have been battling my annual Winter cold.  Good thing I started the week off right, back in St. Louis at Kaldi's with a mocha muffin and mocha coffee.

(photo by e.hunt)

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