Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Quick Squint

To go along with the previous post, I also made a list of some goals I want to accomplish in 2014.

1.  Getting a more creative-based job.  I have a great job right now, and it has definitely been a big learning experience, but I’m really missing having a little creativeness be part of my job.  Not really sure what kind of job I want to apply to; back to retail (as a merchandising manager), at a coffeeshop (to get experience in case I conquer my dream of opening my own coffee place), another entry-level job at an office (one word – benefits), or something more along the lines of my art major (graphic design at an ad agency or magazine maybe).  Let the application process begin!

2.  Producing and selling my map dresses.  The idea has evolved in order to appeal to a wider audience to include not just maps of Middle Earth and Hyrule, but other fictional maps such as Hogwarts, Atlantis, or possibly constellations.  Again, I’m open to suggestions.

3.  Spending less money on coffee.  I have a few big purchases I am planning on making this year that will require lots of saving.  And my plan to switch careers will probably mean a cut in the paycheck realm, so less money being spent on such frivolous, but delicious, things as coffee, means more money in the bank, and more money to spend on a new computer, or a summertime beach vacation.

4.  Posting more often.  Also getting internet in my apartment.  These go hand in hand, because the reason there have been fewer posts as of late is a combination of having a full time job, and trying to not go to a coffeeshop everyday.  This picture is my F12 desktop.  All of the little post-its hold ideas for blog titles.  Now that's a lot of posts that have yet to be written, and I hope to use most, if not all, the title ideas in this next year.

(photos by e.hunt)

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  1. So, so, so happy to see updates...I miss it when you don't post for long stretches :( Here's to the happiest of new years ~ 2014!!