Monday, September 30, 2013

Demonstrating the Complex Interplay

Last weekend in St. Louis my brother Taylor and I went to the Pulitzer Modern Art Museum, where we got to see a Richard Serra piece.  Now, Richard Serra is quite famous for his rather bulky metal constructions, and I studied and answered test questions about him in college art history.  Art, especially sculpture, is much more impressive in person than projected on a screen with a professor rambling on and on and you're just trying to keep up in your notes.  Seeing it is more a full-body experience than just looking at it.  Perhaps the most staggering art experience was seeing the Notre Dame in Paris.  It is so much more beautiful, impressive, and majestic when you feel like a tiny bug in front of it.
Anyway, back to Richard Serra.  This spiral made of one sheet of steel is about 13ft tall and you can feel the heat from the steel as you walk inside.  It has some beautiful age weathering going on and that chalky brick red color looked stunning in the bright sun.

(photos by e.hunt)

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