Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Citizen of the Night

What happens when you have a midterm semester-long project critique, a sculpture due, and a choose-your-own project that you got really ambitious with critique all in a three day period?  You don't sleep that much.  How do you look put together when you wake up fifteen minutes before class?  Here's a few ideas.

Rompers were pretty much made for those sartorially uninspired days.  No assembly required, just add shoes!

Skirts and shorts are really easy to style as well.  Throw on a slouchy, neutral colored t-shirt (or if you got six hours of sleep instead of four, you probably have enough brain power to go with a print) with some slight tuck-in action and you're good to go.  Scarves make an easy throw-it-on-as-you-walk-out-the-door accessory to keep in the arsenal as well.

(photos collected from people, garancedore, and fashiontoast)

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